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The Doctr team is at your disposal to provide you quickest response time, Guaranteed!
The best hospitals, the best doctors and the best treatment.
  • Unbelievably lower cost of the treatment in the same hospital, by the same doctor.

  • We take care of everything from Visa to admission in hospital.

Inclusive and affordable treatment for everyone.

We have access to the best hospitals and treatment centres for different ailments in India.





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Rated 5 stars by previous patients for great service
Contracts with the best hospitals
The doctors connected with us are one of the best in India
Fastest Visa approval within 2 days
The most affordable treatment. Guaranteed!
Dedicated team supporting you 24/7
100% recorded success rate in surgeries
Highest priority given to our patients in any hospital

Always the best doctors

We assist you in finding the most suitable doctors in the best hospitals all over India. With more than 300+ successful surgeries, we are the best in market.

Equipped with the latest technologies

All the hospitals are equipped with the most advanced features and the latest equipment. All ultra-modern centers are equipped with all private patient rooms to maximize comfort and confidentiality, and are broken down into several specialized departments.

Free medical consultation

We provide free medical consultation and a discussion with our doctors so that you get the most accurate knowledge of your problem and then consider the most optimal treatment needed.


“I was very much skeptical about how will I get treated, but doctr pro made everything so simple that I cannot thank them enough.”

- Oghenekohwo Raphael, Nigeria

“Due to a failed operation earlier, my one kidney was damaged. Then I got treated to a very good doctor, and now I live a happy life.”

- Paul Shaw, Kenya

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I get to know which treatment I need?

You will have to just send us the report of the latest treatment which was going on. Then we will forward it to doctors here, who will provide the description of the actual treatment which is to be needed. This would consist of the treatment description as well as the duration of the stay.

What is the consultancy fee?

There is not consultancy fee as such. You just send the reports and the specialist doctors will see those reports and suggest the optimal treatment needed.
Our consultancy is always free.

What will be the cost of the surgery/treatment ?

The cost depends on the type of treatment which is needed. Please see our pricing page to know better about the cost of different surgeries. In many cases, patients have saved up to 40-60% with us. Doctr Pro is the most cost-effective solution.

Do you help in Visa?

Yes. We do help in Visa approval as well as Visa Extension (if needed anytime due to complications).

Are the hospitals and doctors safe?

All the doctors and hospitals connected to us are highly reputed and very much safe in terms of patient services. We will make sure that you always encounter the most appropriate hospital according to your needs.

How do I know Doctr Pro is a legitimate, ethical company?

Doctr Pro has been in existence since October 2012 and has taken care of more than 300 patients. You can even conduct and internet search on us. You will be very much delighted to find only positive information about the exceptional things we have done for our patients.

Can I speak to previous patients about their experience?

Sure. After you decide to move forward with Doctr Pro, you can have a conversation with our previous patients.

How do I send my reports?

The reports, and a short description with it can be sent in 2 ways :
1. WhatsApp – +918009952194
2. Email – [email protected]

What are the services provided by Doctr.Pro ?

There are a host of services which is being provided by Doctr Pro such as airport pickup and drop, admission in hospitals, appointment with doctors, Visa, Visa Extension, International calling cards, accommodation facilities and availability of the diet recommended by the doctor or dietician.

Why should I choose Doctr Pro instead of others?

Doctr Pro has a history of more than 300 successful surgeries in the past 3 years. It provides the fastest and the best services as compares to others. We have even been rated as 5 stars in International patient hospitality and management.

Will I get services after I come back home?

Yes. Our consultants will always be in touch with you till you get completely treated.

Is it safe to travel so far after a surgery?

You will be staying in the hospital or residential facility till you have been properly overcome with complications. After this duration you can easily travel long journey back to your home. The recuperation time will be very much useful in healing the body.

Is it safe to travel so far after a surgery?

You will be staying in the hospital or residential facility till you have been properly overcome with complications. After this duration you can easily travel long journey back to your home. The resting period will be very much useful in healing the body.

Can I refer any patient whom I know?

Yes. We highly encourage referrals from the people who care about others. The privacy of the clients would be always kept in mind.


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